• Free access to 6000+ radios streaming all over the world

  • Selection of 30 stations through 3 presets of 10 stations each

  • Unlimited recordings (music, talk shows...) with our new tape recorder

  • Play, pause, rewind, fast forward, delete ... listen to your tracks and have fun !
Listen. Record. Over and over again ...
  • Browse radios from all over the world

  • Set up your own selection of 30 stations throughout 3 presets of 10 radio stations each

  • Search channels with the wheel or directly on the display

  • Share it on Facebook and Twitter
  • Record your favorite music and radio shows on a classic tape

  • Plug the microphone to record personal messages or kid‘s
    karaoke session

  • Play, pause, rewind, fast forward... easy listening of your tapes

  • Press Eject to view, edit and delete your recordings
  • Edit and customize the titles of each track

  • Search in your records list

  • Sort and delete your recordings

  • Simply touch a track, the tape starts and play the music...